Varice Op Zimnicea

Vatul varicose


    University Health News Conținutul Varicose veins treatment The treatment of varicose veins is one which varies and depends on the case, the concept of "golden solution" being very wrong.

    vatul varicose

    Establishing the most effective doctor varicose method must necessarily start with an eco-doppler exam done by the treating physician.

    And after we have all this information we can establish a treatment plan and give a prognosis what expectations doctor varicose we get from the treatment.

    vatul varicose

    Treatment methods may range from doctor varicose sclerotherapy injections followed by an external laser if neededeco-guided sclerotherapy, endovenoses laser ablation, venous occlusion with biological glue, micro-flebectomy Eliminating the branches of the main veins through small incisions of about mm or combinations between these methods that are adjusted according to the needs of each vatul varicose. These methods have in common that they are all minimally invasive methods, and immediately after the procedure the patient can continue their normal activities, work, travel, and normal life.

    vatul varicose

    In the case of endovenous laser ablation or micro-phlebectomies, anesthesia used is local anesthesia, and immediately afterthe procedure, the patient stands up and vatul varicose, being able to carry out immediately all their normal life activities.