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Compression stockings medi


    Medical stockings provide a method to fight against these problems since ancient times but the results after every use was in compliance with the level of technology used to produce the stocking.

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    This situation creates a challenge for the stocking manufacturers with developing new technologies and technical materials that give the best results and maximize the effects of compression compression stockings medi on the people that wear them. This paper is integrating the total design of a product, regarding the cycle of the product, profitability and satisfaction of the client problems, proposing new ideas of client approach using new technologies like mass customization through computer integrated manufacturing systems including 3 - dimensional body scanning and individual approaches to the client; and using this compression stockings medi develops a kind of compression stockings that are fit-to-wear and satisfy the requirements of the clients concerning the efficiency of the product, comfort properties and durability.

    Keywords: compression stocking, yarns, total product design, mass customization, apparel for technical applications, 3-D body scanning, computer integrated manufacturing Issue: Volume compression stockings medi, Issue 2 Pages: This article is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.

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